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wire rope vibration isolation system from ITT Enidine Defense

ITT Enidine Rotorcraft Solutions

ITT Enidine aerospace product lines are continually expanding to provide our customers with unique solutions for applications on military and commercial rotorcraft programs. Our extensive knowledge and experience within these industries enable us to provide our customers with superior analysis, products, services and support. Our teaming and partnership approach to the customer’s needs sets us apart from the competition.

ITT Enidine Helicopter Applications/Products

  • Main and Tail Dampers
  • Pylon/Rotor Dampers
  • Lead Lag Dampers
  • Rate Control Devices
  • Main and Tail Rotor Damper Bearings
  • Floor and Structure Isolators
  • Engine Mount Isolators
  • Noise Isolation
- Cabin Interior
- Gearbox
- Accessory Gearbox
- Environmental Control System

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